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BEFORE You Call, eMail or Write Me - PLEASE Read ALL of the Following

If this is a NEW inquiry about parts you MUST provide:

  1. Detailed vehicle description ... that way I can check to make sure the part is correct. List all options related to parts you need. Ex: 1965 Polara 4-door hardtop, 440/4 BBL, console, automatic, power windows, sunroof, tilt wheel, wheelbase, etc.
  2. Build date. Typically on driver's door post or door.
  3. Part number for each item and a one word description for each (i.e., bearing)
  4. Quantity of each part number
  5. USA: Complete street address incl city/state/zip – Non-USA: Country Name
  6. Your name
  7. Tell me if your order is going to a Business (cheaper for you if I ship to a business)
  8. Your phone number
  9. Your intended method of payment (if you are postal mailing payment, I also need your e-mail)


Cost of shipping parts DEPENDS ON

  1. Ship to state or country
  2. The dimensional size and weight of the shipment
  3. Value of the order
  4. If you are using PayPal or Credit Cards then I will add a 3% processing fee to the total
  5. If the payment is excessive I will refund the difference and if short I will let you know



NOTE: If you pay without providing ALL info in the instructions on this page, your order will be canceled and your money refunded without explanation. I receive hundreds of orders per week and do not have the ability to request additional/clarifying information for incomplete orders. No exceptions on this.

  1. Credit Card (secure processing via PayPal – you DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card)
  2. PayPal - my PayPal account is:
  3. Zelle
  4. Venmo
  5. Bags of cash in North Korean or Cuban currency (in a pinch, pre-Columbian artifacts … in mint condition)
  6. Physical Bitcoins made of 31 Karat gold



If you are OK with all of the above (except the non-refundable 25% handling surcharge for bulb filament repairs), you can contact me via:

  • email::
  • postal: Arizona Parts, 320 E Pebble Beach, Tempe, AZ 85282
  • phone: during 8-5 AZ time, M-F 480.966.6683



I DO NOT have/provide pictures in my online catalog. I know pictures are nice. Everyone has a camera. So do I !!! I can take really good pictures like a professional. I know how to take close-ups and far away stuff too! My camera is brand new technology. It does not use film!!! It is digital and has a whopping 2.35 megapixels. We all like cute pictures of kittens being juggled by drunks on the edge of a roof, rats being bludgeoned with baseball bats, cicadas being fiendishly devoured in droves by hungry birds after spending 17 years in the ground, or pictures of my dearly departed 95 year old grandmother swimming naked in the ocean just before being eaten by a rogue sperm whale wearing dentures.. Whenever I get the request "can I see the part" my answer is absolutely 100%, "YES YOU CAN !" ... simply look for one online or take one yourself when you get it in the box I send you. Hey, maybe you can send me a selfie of you holding your part so I can make a scrapbook and fondly recall that NOS part I so very much enjoyed selling to you!

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